Change Of Hours, and some.

Change Of Hours, and some.

About two months ago, I changed the days and tweaked the hours I dedicate towards

My dedication towards the work I do for hasn’t changed, but I made a promise to myself and my partner, to live a life more balanced than I have in recent years.

I wanted to ‘get out’ more, rather than sit behind a desk for 70+ hours per week.

Recently, I’ve been droning a lot more, for Taken By Drone, my Aerial Photography Business. I’m also looking forward to studying photography in the new year, with a hope of traveling more (around Australia) and taking Stock Photos. Not because I ‘have to’, but because I can.

Although WordPress has provided me an extremely nice income, I’ve been doing consistently good elsewhere, with other investments. The time has eventually arrived where I need to re-evaluate my ‘role’ in life. The age-old question of ‘how much is enough’ has been trickling through my mind for the past few years, so I’ve decided to act on that question.

I love WordPress, so I will not be giving it up. I’ll still be answering emails, helping people via forums, and accepting requests for assistance via theme developers – just less of it.

The time has come to fly more, drive more, and enjoy life more. The past 9 months, have been bliss :)

(Drone Photo via

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